Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Security Guard Agency

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No matter how much security technology progresses, having a security guard on hand has its benefits. Besides preventing crime, handling emergencies, safeguarding your clients, employees, and property, skilled security guards can even save you money and effort by deterring thefts and vandalism from taking place.

An expert security guard is sharp, active, and able to grasp what is expected, so they guard your business, home, and family, the way you expect them to. Moreover, they understand that they represent you and should remain disciplined and calm even during altercations, to prevent a situation from aggravating into something dangerous.

With so many security providers to make a selection from, picking the right one can be quite a challenge. To help simplify and quicken your search for an authorized and insured security provider for assured protection, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a security guard agency.

1. Check if the company is “B” licensed in Florida.

There are so many companies in Florida that are operating illegally without permits or licenses. So, make sure to see if the security company that you are hiring to represent your business or home is licensed to provide the services they are offering.

At Onyx Protective Services, LLC, we take the law seriously and have obtained the proper licensing for our business. Our license number is B1600135, which you can even double check.

2. Review the company’s prices.

If a security company’s charges are too low for its services, they are most likely not properly licensed, insured, are paying their employees illegally, or worse! Sometimes, they may not even do the work you are paying them for. Going with a low-cost company usually ends up with a miserable outcome, lawsuit, risks of assets being lost, damaged, stolen, or worse, staff and customers being hurt. Subsequently, don’t be fooled into assuming the higher the price, the better the service.

Onyx Protective Services, LLC prides itself on not only providing trained and professional officers but, having a field manager regularly check in with the employee as well as the client for feedback on the employee’s performance at no extra cost.

3. Ask the security company if they supervise and examine their guards frequently.

A reliable security service company will maintain a clear chain of command with their employees and stay in touch with their guards on duty. Lately, many security guard companies have deployed GPS tracking to monitor each guard on duty with an automated feature that regularly updates on a programmed schedule, thereby ensuring the safety of every guard and supervising each guard’s movement and the assigned area.

Onyx Protective Services, LLC likes to exceed expectations by not only monitoring through technology but also conducting unannounced visits regularly to check on the officer’s performance as they do their assigned tasks. They represent us as a company, but, you, as our client, so we like to get feedback to make sure they are performing their duties well.

4. Bigger isn’t always better.

Check to see if the agency is too big to give you or your company that personal attention that is needed. Also, it is a smart idea to go with a reputable provider in the industry. Look for a company like Onyx Protective Services, LLC, that provides excellent customer service, has a great reputation with positive reviews, and values interaction with their clients. When it comes to your security, you’re not just a number to us. Personal service goes a long way, and your safety and reputation deserve that kind of attention.

5. Understand how they handle different situations.

A security guard company should be able to handle altercations, however, prevention should be their primary focus. You should hire a security guard company which has a reliable prevention technique. They should be able to assess a situation, react to breaches and suggest options or new ways to prevent future crime. Security guards that are more focused on apprehension than prevention tend to be overly aggressive. Aggressive security often makes mistakes that can result in lawsuits.

If you’re looking for a reliable security guard agency servicing South Florida including Pembroke Pines and Miami Gardens, reach out to Onyx Protective Services, LLC. Our security officers are specialists in different areas of security like unarmed security services, security escort vehicle, commercial security, event security, and residential security. All our staff is hand-picked based on their capabilities and further trained to represent you professionally. We also provide 24/7 protection for the things you care about most so you can enjoy some peace of mind.

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