What Makes Onyx Protective Services, LLC Stand Out

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About Onyx Protective Services, LLC

We are a licensed and insured security company that aims to provide complete security solutions to individuals, businesses, and communities. Built on the premise that security and safety are deteriorating, we strive to be a major contributing factor correcting this trend and promising to deliver an unparalleled service to achieve this goal.

We staff about fifteen employees and contract externally to new potential security officers that if qualified are given the opportunity to join the team. We service security officers to Florida, but, are growing and expanding our client list. Our Executive Protection officers travel around the world with high-value clients, families, or assets.

Our office is open seven days a week, and we take calls for new contracts from 7 am to 8 pm. Our call center, however, is available for existing contracts twenty-four hours a day. Our business is dedicated to eradicating crime from communities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We have been in existence for over five years, but our management team has a combined thirty years of security, law enforcement, and military experience.

We are the next generation of contract security providers, constantly maturing with changing times. We know what it takes to keep you and your business safe, but more importantly, to add value by providing superior customer service and attention to detail. We are proud of what you and your company have accomplished, and ensure that each of our security guards display that pride to you and your customers through their professional appearance, work ethic, and attitude. We care about our customers and your business and will add value by providing more than a deterrent, but a first impression, and customer service that your staff and clients will admire, all at prices which are competitive, without sacrificing the quality of our service. Security is an essential part of safety, deterrence, and insurance to your business or condo communities.

The Onyx Protective Services, LLC Difference

We believe in treating all clients with dignity and respect. Our staff has to be honest, loyal and behave with professional conduct and attire, with a zero-tolerance attitude towards abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Choosing Onyx Protective Services, LLC as the company to represent you or your business, when there are so many other companies gives us the motivation to treat you as part of our family. Even our repeat clients receive exemplary service as if it’s the first time they have called us, which is why they keep coming back.

We are very flexible with the needs of our clients and no matter what they are, we work on achieving them. If you need a front door ambassador for your office building or condo entrance, with excellent customer service and security skill, look no further. Our officers will make a positive identification of all employees, visitors, and vendors at all points of entry. Access controls prevent unauthorized entry to facilities, maintains control of employees and visitors, and protects company assets.

If you need a mobile patrol unit for your property, plaza, or by vehicle, golf cart, or foot patrol, i.e., doggy points, we will routinely patrol your area while checking in with supervisors and providing law enforcement with any information to assist with an arrest, should a crime be committed. We ensure that all our security staff members are highly trained and capable of handling any situation they may be presented with.

Our employees are our best feature. They are dedicated, proud, and believe not only in themselves, but, the value of what we stand for. Without our trained staff, and Field Managers that supervise them, we would not have grown to be respected by the many clients we service and contract in Florida. The majority of our team are ex-military or hold at minimum five years in the security industry or certifications in Dignitary Protection, Close Protection, NRA certified in firearms or Criminal Justice degrees.

We aim to deliver a top-notch respected and valuable service to our clients, at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. There are many low and mid-low budget security service providers, available for customers to choose from and we feel that the market has left a gap for “safe security.” We fill this space by providing solutions which can be relied upon at any time. Our dependable services are managed by highly trained staff in fields essential to the security industry and have been chosen to be represented by celebrities and executives alike.

When we initially started, we knew almost immediately that our main focus was amazing customer service to clients, to employ quality security officers that weren’t around for just a paycheck. Our greatest strength is our motivated staff. Therefore, we strive to offer each and every employee opportunities to grow, learn, and further their careers in our business. Currently, we only host management-based activities but offer training incentives to further the skills of each employee to enhance their security skills.

Our biggest accomplishment was not only planning the security of the first international gospel concert in Haiti but providing the security detail for the organization as well. Another great achievement was being the sole security provider for “Rapture” in Miami, employing and managing over eighty security officers during the Ultra Music Conference.

Our vision for the future is to expand throughout Florida and move to other states without losing focus or lacking the quality we provide our smaller clients who have been happy with our services when we first opened our doors. It is our policy to provide a service of a quality that surpasses the initial and continuing needs of our customers.

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